Check out date Winter 2014 Semester

Hello everyone,

The check out date for the Winter 2014 semester is April 29th 2014.
If you will be continuing your stay with On-Campus Housing for the summer 2014 session the payment due date is April 1st 2014.
Please look at our pricing page for the prices or feel free to come by the office!

Payments can be made by cash, credit card, debit card, money order or bank draft.
Please remember we are unable to do bank transfers for housing payments!

Take care
On-Campus Housing

15 Fun Things to do in Kamloops over the Break


1. Sleep/relax/lounge
2. Sledding: 392 Greenstone Drive. GREAT SPOT!
3. Harper Mountain: ski, snowboard, tubing
4. Sunpeaks: Ski, snowboard, snowshoe, tubing, Ice Skating, Dog Sleds, Horse drawn Sleighs etc.
5. Wild Life Park: Christmas Lights display
6. Go to the Mall
7. Check out arcades: North Shore- Fun Factor
Sahali- Ruckers
8. Go to the movies! TUESDAY are cheap nights (5$-3$) at Paramount and Cineplex
9. Play board games and cards with fellow residents
10. Wall Climbing: Cliffside Climbing Gym 954 Laval Crest
11. Volunteer –United Way, Salvation Army etc.
12. Try some arts and crafts and make decorations!
13. Go swimming!! It’s free with your student card until the 31st
14. Go to a new restaurant!!
15. Clean your place up and have a few friends over

Come down to the office if you get bored or lonely :) there is always someone times

The mid-term, the noise, the guy upstairs…

Ahh… it’s that time of the season again.  All those tests are coming back and you are gearing up to finally get some study done and all of a sudden… what is this??  Why are my plates chattering and clanking from some kind of vibration?  Herds of Bisons stampeding through the parking lot or is it a T-Rex??  No, it’s the dang Bass thumping from the guy upstairs!!

We usually implement the “Quiet Time” policy during major exam seasons, so hopefully you wouldn’t have these problems.  However, whether you like it or not, you may encounter noise related issues once in a while.  Not everyone is as considerate as you.  You only have a few days till your mid-term and the guy upstairs (or your direct neighbor) is being a bit pesky.  You tolerated the noise the first day, but he seems to keep doing it the next day and the next day.  You are on the verge of mental break down now.  What do you have to do to stop that guy from creating more disturbance??  Well… actually it’s quite simple.  If you don’t mind walking upstairs and talk to the guy, …just talk to the guy.  Most people would usually go “Whoops, sorry about that, bro.  I didn’t know.  I’ll keep it down from now on.”  and presto!  Problem solved.  Of course, remember to be polite and be as nice as possible.  Don’t go to his room both guns blazing, yelling at the guy.  Always think in terms of “He wasn’t being a jerk, he just didn’t know better.”  Well, sometimes there are some jerks who just don’t give a damn, but those kind of people are pretty rare.  If you can be reasonable, the other person most likely will be as well.  Just like anything, it’s not “what” you say, it’s “how” you say it.

If you prefer not to have any kind of confrontations, just contact one of the RAs or one of our staff down at the office.  They’ll be more than happy to do the talking for you.  The ultimate goal of OCH isn’t just about providing you with the best communities / activities and etc, they would like to help you achieve the best academic successes as well.  In fact, that IS the most important priority we have in this facility.  Everything else is secondary.  We do not want anything that might hurt your academic standings in anyway, so if something or someone is disrupting your studying time, we’d like to know.  Just have the OCH’s phone number handy 250-372-7778 and call us anytime.