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Quad-mate Discussion Topics

Start out in a positive direction...


Noise, Study Schedules and Privacy

Get together and discuss your study and sleep habits. Make sure you all outline your class schedules in order to have a good night sleep. Determine noise levels for the school week as well as the weekend. Come up with ways to promote a positive study environment during exam periods. Discuss times when you may want to have some quality time alone. Please note the general quiet hours in the student handbook and policy guide.


Cleaning and Cleanliness

Fellow quad mates are required to share the cleaning responsibilities in the common area and washroom. Get together and discuss what the cleanliness level that is acceptable for each other. Develope a rotating cleaning schedule that each student must comply too. It is very important to ensure the toilet doesn't overflow and who will clean up.



Discuss how often you think you will have guest over. Ensure you ask your quad-mates if they have a girl / boy friend. Make a plan to let all your quad-mates know when you are going to have a guest over, if it is not a good time or when the guest can use the common area and washroom. It is very important to maintain privacy and respect by communicating as much as possible.


Smoking, Drinking and Drugs

All rooms are non-smoking and drugs are prohibited. Drinking is only permitted in the rooms if you are of age. It is very important to ensure all your quad-mates are well informed of your extracurricular habits. If you do smoke, please ensure you do not smoke in any rooms or buildings. Please consider the smell of smoke in your quad. Please note the rules for smoking, drinking and drugs in the student handbook and policy guide.


Entertainment and Parties

In order to have a positive study environment, it is important to find out how much and when you and your quad-mates like to party and socialize. It is also important to know when not to. This will help you find a common ground and ensure an enjoyable experience while attending TRU.


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